Meet Bella

L5 boarder

Bella joined Headington in L4 from an Oxfordshire prep school as a half-weekly boarder and is now a full boarder. She is a keen sportswoman and plays Hockey, Football and Netball, as well as taking part in Maths club.

On Headington

It’s a really friendly environment, I found most of my best friends here and it’s fun every day. There are lots of things you can do here, lots of good facilities such as for Sport, or the Hive and the Library is amazing as well. You can really do what you want. The teachers are really nice, they always help out when you are struggling. They are really comforting.

On boarding

Most people start in U3 so when I joined in L4 lots of the people were friends already but everyone was so welcoming and they showed me that they knew how I was feeling. It’s really fun, you can do all sorts of activities. Now I’m in U4 I can go into Headington twice a week, or go into school, there’s more freedom.

On Sport

We can go to the gym after school, to the Sports Hall to play Indoor Cricket and sometimes on the pitches too. I quit Hockey before I came here but then I started again – Headington got me back into that and I now play for the A team. Sport is really fun, and it’s really nice because they are all different people from all different classes who you get to meet up with.

On her ambitions

I would like to improve in English and academic subjects, which I know I will be able to do at Headington, I just need to apply myself more.

On herself

I have been able to persevere a lot more than I was previously. I have worked better in a team, we have had trips where we have worked in different teams rather than with our friends which is a great way to get to know people better.