Meet Ari

Year 5 actress

Ari joined Headington in Cornflower Nursery. She goes to ukulele and creative writing club but her biggest passion is Drama. Starring roles so far include Little Red Riding Hood in a play with a fairytale theme and Ichabod Crane in the Headless Horseman.

On Drama

I love Drama, it’s my favourite subject! I like Maths and Science and English too. Drama is really fun. They’re really good at helping you not being afraid of being on stage. I used to be really afraid of going on stage but now I can do it. When I joined, I don’t think I was dramatic at all then I grew up and I still wasn’t good at Drama until this year which is when I started to do it in class. When I went to my first lesson I was really excited and I realised I really like this subject and when I heard there was a Drama Club I wanted to sign up for a try. I also do Speech and Drama lessons, group and 1:1 and I did two exams this term and in both I got a distinction!

What do you love about Headington?

I like how you get to learn lots of new things. The teachers always plans something and that something always has a surprise within it! I like all the people here because they are all really kind and friendly. I have made lots of friends.

On what she’s learned about herself

I’ve learned how to work as a team! I used to be quite independent and I was really nervous when I came here but as I got used to this school I made more friends and learned to work with them as a team. I’ve also learned I’m very dramatic. I’ve also learned that I’m really kind and apparently very friendly. And clumsy sometimes too! I’ve also learned that you can have fights with your friends sometimes and it’s not always a bad thing and you can learn from it, but also that if you have too many fights it’s not a proper friendship.

On her ambitions

I want to be really good at baking and also really good at Drama and have lots more friends. I’d also like to be there to help my friends when they;ve hurt themselves and I would like to be in a play!