Years 3 to 6 music performances

In the last few weeks of the Summer Term, pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were invited to perform to an audience of family and friends.

Year 3 were the first group to take to the stage and set the tone with a lovely choral performance which the whole year took part in. They wowed their relatives with renditions of Taylor Swift songs, strumming classical Guitar pieces, performing on the Piano and playing the Violin.

Next up was Year 6 who stunned everyone with some incredible talent on the Piano, Voice, Clarinet, Violin, Harp and Guitar. Their group song was beautifully sung and brought a tear to the eyes, especially as this was their last performance at the Prep School.

Never to be outdone, Year 4 took up the gauntlet of performing and proved that age is no barrier to the enjoyment of playing an instrument in front of others. They overcame nerves and wowed everyone. One highlight was the superb performance on the drums by Sophia.

Lastly, Year 5 squeezed in their musical showcase just before the end of term. The joy was contagious as each pupil stepped up to enjoy their moment in the limelight. The audience were treated to a wide variety of instrumental performances, from Piano, Keyboard, Oboe, Harp, Violin, Voice and Cornet. A special mention goes to Rosabel and Merrily who both sung beautifully in their solo performances of ‘My baby just cares for me’ and ‘Someone like you’.

Mrs Amy Evetts, Head of Music, said: “It has been a wonderful opportunity to see the huge variety of instruments played by children in the Prep School and to watch every child conquer their nerves and perform so brilliantly to the audience. They should all be very proud of their achievements.”