Year One Visit to The Oxfordshire Museum

Year One had an exciting visit to The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock to experience what school was like in Victorian times.

The pupils were greeted by a rather stern teacher who explained the class rules; sitting up straight, hands in laps, standing up when answering a question and only writing with your right hand.

The lesson started with chanting of times tables and finished with some very tricky handwriting using slates and ink pens. Punishments were handed out in the form of a dunce hat, finger stocks and a back straightener. By the end of the session, the girls decided that they definitely prefer learning in the present day compared to Victorian times!

Year One also had a great time exploring the exhibits in the museum.

Teacher Miss Anna Thompson-Rowlands said: “The girls were amazed to see a Victorian toilet, a selection of Victorian clothes and a Victorian doll’s house. The girls made some great observations about the similarities and differences between modern times and the Victorian times.

“The trip ended on a high as we ventured out to a local gelateria to try some delicious homemade ice cream. What a treat!”

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