Year 6 Trip to the Living Rainforest

Year 6 spent the day inside a rainforest to gain a better insight into their topic ‘how can we make it better?’
The girls were given a guided tour at the Living Rainforest in Hampstead Norreys where they saw up close different animals that live in the rainforest as well as learning about how to live more sustainably. The tour guides all commented on how amazed they were with the pupils’ knowledge and the insightful questions they asked.
“I loved our trip to the Living Rainforest! I was particularly fascinated by the blue poison dart frog, which were used by the indigenous people who dipped their darts into the the frogs’ slimy poison and hunted with them.” said Hannah.
“Our trip to the Living Rainforest was exciting and a great adventure. We enjoyed looking at all the animals and plants including the slow sloth, Cinnamon, and the scary tarantula, who loved to show off!” said Iona H and Yasmin.