Year 6 trip to Science Oxford

Year 6 pupils set out on the first school trip of the year to enjoy a day at Science Oxford in Headington on Tuesday 14th September. The trip was organised to complement the pupils’ STEM learning this term, with a workshop building Rube Goldberg machines, a woodland walk, and a chance to navigate the hands-on exhibits in the Exploration Zone. The pupils showed lots of curiosity, collaboration and perseverance as they tackled the different challenges throughout the day.

Here are a few of the pupils’ thoughts on the day:

“What surprised me was how big and beautiful the woods were because there was so much to see. It really felt like I was in a fairytale and I really wasn’t expecting that.”

“I enjoyed looking at everyone’s Rube Goldberg machines and the satisfaction and excitement of when your machine worked.”

“A wonderful opportunity to massively expand your curiosity and explore the fantastic world of science.”

“I learnt that when something doesn’t go your way you have to persevere and carry on, it will take time.”

Dr Katie King, Science Subject Leader said “It has been great to see the children so engaged and curious about all these incredible scientific tasks. It will really help them to cement their understanding of the STEM subjects that we are studying this term. It has been a wonderful morning of science.”

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