Year 6 study Second World War

Year 6 are currently studying the Second World War. The girls are completing projects where they are crafting and writing authentic diary entries from the era. Some have used their creativity to fashion diaries from old-fashioned notepaper which will then be bound with ribbon.

Here is a short extract from Olive’s diary:

Dearest Diary, today we found out an extremely important piece of information. The Germans are creating a new type of bomber. We have informed the Prime Minister of course and I think we will be alright.

I am living in London during the Blitz and I miss my dear children. I have not seen them since Christmas. Their poor faces when I informed them about their dear father’s recent death. At work, my dearest friends comfort me. I was hearing that Margaret lost her son Simon and Sally, oh poor Sally, only has her cat left.

During this term’s project, the children have researched and explored their areas of interest. The knowledge discovered from books, the internet and family members who lived during the war has helped them create not only diary entries but also biographies and newspaper reports. One girl chose to write her diary from the perspective of Sarah Churchill, as she has particular interest in wartime leaders.

This knowledge will culminate in a day towards the end of term when they will come to school in Second World War costumes. They will be able to choose to come dressed as evacuees, figures from the forces or costumes related to an area that they have studied such as Land Girls and Air Raid Wardens.