Year 6 COP day 2022

Just as COP-27 started in Egypt, COP-2022 came to Headington Prep for Year 6.

The girls spent the day engaged in wide-ranging activities on their STEM term focus ‘What is sustainable?’.

The day began by crawling into the exciting world of the Explorer Dome, where the pupils could immerse themselves in the evolution of planet Earth.  It was wonderful to see them gasp in awe as dry ice was used to create clouds and then gaze up at immersive images, including the full map of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

They then studied scientific theories on the greenhouse effect and climate change, which form the basis of the Paris climate agreement.  Pupils then had the opportunity to research, share and come together as an entire year group for their own conference to discuss their country’s climate pledges.

Mrs Rachel Wiltshire, Science Subject Leader said: “They were magnificent for the entire day, with mature insights into the context of different countries and, if a pledge was not currently possible, they said so!”