Bushcraft Residential

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful residential for their bushcraft trip in Blenheim woods.

They packed their rucksacks and lived outdoors for three days, choosing between sleeping in a tent and open camping under the stars. They learnt to whittle sticks, make a camp fire, build shelter and make a garden to grow food and even help someone who had fallen ill (to their delight, Head of Prep Mrs Jane Crouch volunteered herself as the injured person to be carried away on a stretcher).

They were taught how to gut and fillet a salmon ready for dinner and even had the delights of watching Miuccia and Anna taste some fish eyes!

By the time they returned to school they were all suitably filthy from camouflage paint and dust, exhausted from the survival activities and entertainment and ready for a hot shower and long sleep to dream about their next outdoor adventures.

Mrs Tessa Davey, Year 6 teacher said: “Our Year 6s did themselves proud. They rose to every challenge presented to them, embraced every opportunity with gusto and showed true resilience, collaboration and perseverance, putting into practice all the learning habits they have been learning at school.”