Year 6 and L4 Success in GSA/Adobe Science Competition

As the ‘Winning School’, Headington this week hosted the awards for Girls’ Schools Association (GSA)/ Adobe’s ‘Women Pioneers in Science’ competition held earlier this year.

With more than 50 GSA schools participating, Headington pupils were extremely proud to receive their prizes, presented by TA Education.

Headington’s Year 6 pupils came runners up in their age range, while two girls from L4 won their category with excellent projects on their most inspiring scientists.

The prizes, including notebooks, hoodies, crystal trophies and even a drone, only added to the excitement and eagerness in the audience, as this year’s new competition was unveiled.

Head of Science Mr Jason Morris and Biology and Chemistry Teacher Ms Rachel Wiltshire said: “We would like to thank all Headington students who took part in 2022-23 and look forward to the thrills of making news report videos on Climate Change in the 2023-24 competition supported by Sky.”