Year 5 and 6 Sports Day 2021

The Year 5 and 6 girls competed in a fun sports day. In lessons they enjoyed learning the correct hurdling technique and the addition of these races into the event. They balanced eggs, jumped in sacks, bounced on space hoppers and put their cricket skills to the test in the obstacle race. In Year 5 and 6 the field events become more selective with the girls making the choice of the event they would like to count towards their house total. Their result is their best performance from their athletics lessons. The final scores on the day were:

4th Redwood 350

3rd Chestnut 351

2nd Beech 364

1st Oak 391

This gives a grand total of:

4th Chestnut 770

3rd Beech 776

2nd Redwood 780

1st Oak 838

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Year 5 field events

Year 5 Long jump

Name Distance House
Isabella 3.25 metres Oak
Avila & Charlotte 3.15 metres Beech & Chestnut
Dana & Saskia & Maisie 3.00 metres Beech & Oak & Beech

Year 5 Javelin

Name Distance House
Freya Simons 14.60 metres Oak
Gabriella & Lyra 9.75 metres Chestnut & Redwood
Eiman 9.50 metres Redwood

Year 5 Shot Put

Name Distance House
Emily 11.50 metres Redwood
Xanthe 10.30 metres Oak
Melissa 8.0 metres Chestnut

Year 6 field events

Year 6 Long jump

Name Distance House
Ayla 3.80 metres Redwood
Chrissy & Alexandra 3.50 metres Beech & Oak
Vanessa 3.30 metres Redwood

Year 6 Shot put

Name Distance House
Amelia 9.80 metres Chestnut
Malaika 9.50 metres Oak
Izzy 9.40 metres Beech

Year 6 Javelin

Name Distance House
Florence 15.20 metres Oak
Verity 13.30 metres Chestnut
Lucy 12.80 metres Beech