Year 4 trip to Ufton Court

It was the first off-site residential trip for Headington Prep girls for some time as Year 4 girls enjoyed a three-day trip to Ufton Court.

With no digital devices to distract them, they threw themselves into the era of Elizabeth I and all things Tudor. They spent time exploring the 15th century Tudor mansion and its grounds, hunting for clues of ‘strange goings on’ and investigating the rumours of a hidden priest.

They were great at thinking on their feet as they steered their way through the unfairness of a Tudor court, either as the judge, criminal or jury.

There were plenty of hands-on activities, including weaving their own baskets and writing with their own handmade ink and quills.

The highlight for most was the Tudor banquet and dressing up in their costumes for the evening. They feasted in authentic style, with plenty of chicken legs and ale (apple juice), no forks but napkins thrown over their shoulders. Afterwards, they entertained each other with music, jokes, dancing and a lot of laughter.

For quite a few this was a first night away from home and sharing a room with their classmates was very exciting. Needless to say, more sleep was had on the second night than the first!

Miss Caroline Crookes, Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning), saidThe girls rose to the challenges of responsibility and independence that all our residentials bring. Their enthusiasm to learn and engage with the activities, as well as their exemplary behaviour earned them wonderful compliments from the Ufton staff.

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