Year 4 Play ‘Grimm Tales’

Year 4 wowed their parents and peers with their performances of ‘Grimm Tales’ at the end of March.

After lots of hard work and committed practice, Year 4 finally got to perform their play to a real audience. And what a show it was!

The girls delivered their lines on cue, acted brilliantly and with confidence. Working as a team, collaborating together and supporting each other throughout the process – they should be immensely proud.

Girls were supported by many of the staff, who helped with rehearsals, putting the music together, making the props and set and setting up the lighting. Special thanks to Mr Kidd, Ms Summerfield, Ms Crooks, Mrs Evetts, Mrs Yap, Mrs Clarke and Mr Welton.

Mrs Jane Crouch, Head of Prep, said “Wow – what a fabulous play. It was such a powerful performance, so well crafted and performed confidently and at a suitable pace. I loved it!!!! It also made me giggle. Well done – what a great team.”

Class teacher Ms Veronique Summerfield said “Each and every one of them grew as individuals and came out at the other end, having overcome their own personal fears and challenges. Performing on stage is not an easy feat but Year 4 did it with gusto and determination. Bravo!”

Ms Vicky Paice, Reception Class teacher, said “We absolutely loved the play. Our four and five year olds were completely in awe. Lots of them have never seen a play before due to COVID and this was the best first experience they could have had. The girls were so confident and we could hear every word. It was very very funny and fun and so clever with the use of the props and scenery.”

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