Year 4 play – Grimm Tales

The audience were dazzled by the performances from Year 4 at their annual play which took place at Headington Prep on the 22nd March 2023.

The year group were split into two different casts and took turns in telling a variety of wonderous short stories which Mr Kidd had adapted from various tales known to him. For example, the first play was an adaptation of a story titled ‘The Emperor’s Oblong Pancake’ by Peter Hughes read by the great Arthur Lowe on the BBC’s famous television programme ‘Jackanory’.

The pieces beckoned plenty of laughter and involvement from the crowd while telling such fantastical fiction.

Highlights included Kitty’s song, Matilda’s authoritative performance as ‘King Oblong’ and the general quips provided by the entire cast throughout.

Miss Caroline Crookes, Year 4 teacher, said: “The children have worked so hard and have produced unforgettable stunning performances!”

Year 4 Play 2023-7