Year 2 Pirate Day

Year 2 had a fun packed day full of pirate adventures. Treasure maps were drawn up, vibrant pirate flags were crafted and the challenge of tying knots kept them on their swashbuckling toes! Square knots and became an old favourite alongside the figure of 8 knots, but the loops in the Clove Hitch knot tried the skills of the most talented of sea dogs. It was decided that dropping the anchor overboard might be a more secure way for us to keep the pirate ships safe.

As the day continued the young pirates practiced their sea shanties with Mrs Evetts in music, learnt pirate dances to get their heart rates racing and the day was completed with a good old traditional fish and chips for lunch. Everybody enjoyed dressing up as pirates for the day, which culminated with a thrilling treasure hunt on dry land among the trees of the playground. 55 gold coins were discovered and added to the pirate treasure chests for spending on future escapades.

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