Year 1 visit the moon at The National Space Centre

On Monday 6th November Year 1 enjoyed a very memorable visit to The National Space Centre, Leicester.

Upon their arrival they were delighted to watch an interactive show about The Solar System in the Patrick Moore Planetarium. As part of the show they had to answer questions about each of the planets using coloured buttons.  The children’s home learning provided some very accurate answers.

Following this, they had time to spend in the various galleries as well as taking the lift up to the top of the rocket tower.

In the galleries they learnt about the moon landings, what it is like to be an astronaut in a cramped space ship with no gravity (the space toilet proved quite fascinating) and had the opportunity to drive ‘Curiosity’ the Mars rover.

Ms Rachel Ford, Year 1 teacher, said: “It was a fantastic experience for the children to learn so much about space and see and touch the equipment that had been up in space before.”