Year 1 trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 1 were astonished by the sights of the Natural History Museum.

Upon arrival, as it was a sunny day, the girls sat outside enjoying a snack before following the dinosaur footprints into the museum.

The girls then took part in a fantastic dinosaur workshop where they got a close up look at a selection of real fossils. The girls got to touch and feel the fossils before guessing what they were. They were surprised to find out that they were actually touching fossilised bones, skin and poo! The workshop leader shared some amazing facts about dinosaurs which wowed the girls before sending them off into the wider museum to find some specific artefacts.

Miss Anna Thompson-Rowlands, Year 1 teacher, said: “The girls were fascinated by their surroundings in the amazing environment of the Natural History Museum. They were totally absorbed by the hands-on approach of the workshop.

“The highlight of the trip was the visit to Mary Anning’s discovery of an ichthyosaurus fossil, something the girls have been learning about in our creative curriculum lessons.

“It was a brilliant trip and a great way to round-off this term’s focus on dinosaurs.”