Year 1 Forest School

On Thursday 16th September, Year 1 girls ventured across to the Senior School site for their first Forest School session of the year.

Mrs Ford, Forest School leader, showed the girls around the site and explained the rules and where they could explore their surroundings. The girls learned the names of trees and berries along the way while also learning which were safe to interact with. Mrs Ford even said she would whip up a batch of her famous sloe jam by the end of term for the girls to taste!

Since the last time the teachers had visited Forest School, new holes had appeared in the ground which must have belonged to a new family of foxes which everyone found particularly exciting.

Miss Thompson-Rowlands, Year 1 teacher said: “It was brilliant to be back at Forest School and to see the girls playing and exploring the outdoors. We simply love our outdoor learning and are so lucky to have such an amazing site on our sister school.”

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