Workin’ At Home Sea Shanty

In the weeks before school fully reopened on 8th March, the Music Department celebrated and reflected upon life over the previous few months of lockdown with a sea shanty music video titled ‘Workin’ at Home’.

Inspired by the current social media sea shanty craze, Mrs Aimee Jamison, Headington’s Director of Performing Arts altered the words of an old sea shanty titled ‘Haul Away Joe’ to make them Headington lockdown appropriate. Girls, staff and families were then left to get involved in any way they wanted, be it choreographing their own scene with a section of the song, recording themselves singing along or even writing their own additions to the verses! The final mash-up music video, edited by Headington’s Technical Manager Mr Chris Humphries, can be seen here or below this article –

Mrs Jamison said: “Thank you to Prep and Senior students and staff, parents, siblings and pets… and of course, pirates!”