Winter Fun!

Prefects organised a number of activities to raise money for homelessness charity Crisis.

During lunchtime on 6th December, activities included live music, gingerbread man decoration, Christmas decoration making, doughnut dangling, guess the number of sweets in the jar, bracelet making and the yearly favourite of teacher sponging.

Teachers who were lucky enough to get ‘sponged’ in the cold weather included; Mr Alex Thompson, Mr Alex Williams, Mrs Becky Hawkes, Mr Simon Hawkes, Mr David Cunningham and Headington’s Headmistress, Caroline Jordan.

Congratulations to those who managed to sponge their teachers square in the face for the reasonable price of one pound. Well done also to those teachers who were brave enough to sit in the chairs.

Girls played a variety of their favourite songs on the school stage while a wonderful array of colourful gingerbread men were being put together.

Deputy Head Mr Simon Hawkes said: “Well done to all the prefects and girls who organised and ran the stalls, it was fantastic fun while also raising money for a good cause.”

Winter Fun!