Windsor Castle trip

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Windsor Castle last week to engage the girls in their new topic: Towers, tunnels and turrets. After an early start they arrived at the castle to begin some investigating. They wandered around and noticed the turrets, arrow slits and battlements and then enjoyed a workshop on castles, thankfully inside (it was very wet!).

After lunch there was time for some proper exploring. First they visited St George’s Chapel, the resting place of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. As well as seeing this historic site, the girls were also able to spot several other graves of former monarchs including Henry VIII. The beautiful windows and ceilings and quiet atmosphere were a highlight for many.

After this the group joined the crowds visiting the State apartments and were wowed by beautiful chandeliers and ancient paintings as well as stunning views. They were also able to see where the great fire at Windsor had started, some ancient suits of armour and impressive displays of priceless china!

The visit was concluded by a quick visit to Queen Mary’s dolls’ house; sadly (although understandably) it was viewing only and safely behind a glass screen! Despite the rain, it was a great day and well worth the visit.