Wind in the Willows

The mighty Year 6 cohort took a trip down the banks of the river for their summer play.

Girls were split into two casts for the production of ‘Wind in the Willows‘ during the week before the May half term break and each of them enjoyed an evening show to their families and friends.

They were both huge successes, with the girls singing, dancing and acting superbly. There were some laugh out loud moments, particularly when cheeky Toad tried to escape capture from the police, which had the Nursery pupils giggling profusely during the dress-rehearsal to the school.

It was wonderful to see so many girls putting their best foot forward and achieving brilliance. From the set design to the choreography, the perfect unison of the chorus and the solo performances of the various leads, it was clear to see how much time and effort had been put in to produce such wonderfully polished performances.