Whole School Bonding Day

Friday 24th September was filled with fun, friendship, games and adventure for Headington School’s year group Bonding Days.

U3 Bonding Day

U3 enjoyed a glorious day at Youlbury Scout camp with their form tutors. Girls spent the day developing key skills of cooperation, resilience, communication and compassion. Each form group had the opportunity to work collaboratively on five exciting activities throughout the day, punctuated with yummy food provided by the Dining Hall. Mr Gerallt Skym ably taught pupils to build and light their own fires which culminated in some delicious marshmallows being toasted. The girls worked together to use maps to find locations on the exciting orienteering course, led by Mme Armandine Ferrier. They also had to rely on one another and persevere whilst blindfolded around obstacles. The Rev Tom Howell worked with each form class to encourage them to listen and respond in order to achieve a goal. Much laughter could also be heard from the team-building games and form poster competition. A wonderful day was had by all and staff and girls alike returned home tired but content.

L4 Bonding Day

L4 took part in their Creativity and Collaboration themed Bonding Day on Friday 24th September. The day was an excellent opportunity for the year group to bond over a variety of engaging activities including building spaghetti and marshmallow towers, an ‘alien autopsy’ and a photography challenge. It was excellent to see the year group’s creative side throughout the course of the day whilst based in our hub for innovation ‘The Hive’ building. L4 thoroughly enjoyed their day and left for the weekend with big smiles on their faces!

U4 Bonding Day

U4 responded stoically to the late rearrangement of their planned trip to Blenheim grounds and made the most of the glorious late September sunshine on their walk to the University Parks via Marston and Park Farm. They played some competitive rounds of Ultimate Frisbee against the background of the university cricket pavilion, with U4 U4DO emerging as a force to be reckoned with. After picnicking around the parks and challenging the teachers to a game of Rounders, the girls returned to school where they made full use of the site to take a series of unusual photos – the location of which they then challenged another form to discover and replicate.

Dr Kate Rees Head of U4 said: “It has been lovely to watch new friendships form across the year group.”

L5 Bonding Day

Friday 24th September saw L5 Bonding Day test the dramatic and creative abilities of the year group, through the form of ‘A Play In A Day’! This involved girls following a strict brief to come up with their own production, in just a few periods. They were given the title of their performance, as well as the first and last line. Where the play went in between was completely up to them! Some of the play titles included It all happened in room 141 and The Budget Airline, and one of the final lines was At least Mrs Jordan didn’t see! As well as this being our Bonding Day, this was also the second of the year group’s hotly-contested interform competition and results will be announced soon.

Mr Alex Williams, Head of L5 said: “It was a joy to watch L5 work together and perform as a team, and they did not disappoint. Well done to all and thanks to the fantastic L5 tutor team for all their efforts and enthusiasm.”

U5 Bonding Day

The U5 pupils took part in a series of activities all focused on the idea of running the best country in the world! From creating their national identity, to developing budgets and policies, as well as taking part in international relations tasks, debates, and even a Table Olympics event, the girls embarked on a day of teamworking, puzzle solving and healthy debate about how to make their country the best it could be. Well done to the nation of Zenzia who came out the victors!

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