Whole School Bonding Day 2023

Friday 22nd September was filled with collaboration, adventure and friendship for Headington School’s year group Bonding Days.


The U3 visited Youlbury Scout camp on Oxford’s Boar’s Hill, where they worked together outside of the classroom, having lots of fun despite some rain showers!

Assistant Head Mr George Vlachonikolis taught the girls how to safely start a small fire using flint and steel with cotton wool and eventually toasting marshmallows to make delicious smores.

With the Rev Tom Howell, the girls explored the camp site further in an orienteering course, while Mrs Lorraine Angel and Mrs Grace Millard helped teams to navigate a sensory trail whilst blindfolded; this seemed to involve a lot of falling over in mud!

There was also fantastic creativity on display in the form poster competition as they continued to build their sense of form identity. Congratulations go to U3RK for their winning entry.

Mrs Sarah Donwa, Head of U3 said; “It was a happy and fun-filled day and a great opportunity for the girls to develop their communication and teamwork skills as they deepened friendships within their form groups.”


L4’s Bonding Day took the whole year group to the beautiful Woodland Ways in Appleton Woods for a day of survival skills.

That included foraging (for natural remedies as well as food), fire-lighting (L4PM and PLOOF seem to be our most accomplished in this ancient art) and shelter-building with structures ranging from the impressively robust to the decidedly temporary.

The weather ran the full ‘great British autumn gamut’: perfect sunshine, rain, the suggestion of thunder and finally back to Factor 50!

The Woodland Ways resident hound Tyrion certainly enjoyed the attention that came with having 82 enthusiastic minders!


The U4s started the day by exploring the school site completing a scavenger hunt where they learned some history of the School and discovered buildings they may not yet have encountered.

The girls then enjoyed a fantastic day at Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, building shelters in the woods, searching for codes, orienteering and playing team games on the challenge trail.

The girls kept themselves busy between activities by rolling down the hills, having piggy-back races and loudly singing songs.

Mrs Elizabeth Burbidge, Head of U4 said; “There was some beautiful sunshine, a lot of laughter, and overall it was a great day spent outside in nature getting to know their classmates better and developing and strengthening their friendships.”

On September 22nd, L5 spent a spectacular day to end the week with a day out to Farmoor Reservoir.

It was most definitely a memorable experience for everyone, and the weather couldn’t have been more pleasant.

The girls took part in activities such as raft building, sailing and a relaxing hike under the sun as a chance to socialise with others in the year group.

Through the mixture of activities, they  improved their teamwork abilities, especially as the raft would only be possible to complete if everyone worked as a team.

The hike was breezy and chilly with beautiful views of the ducks on land and water, while the sailing was simply unforgettable.

It was an opportunity to overcome fears, escape your comfort zone to be a more adventurous and confident person.

It definitely benefited everyone as a whole, and friendships were made in the process. Overall, both the teachers and the pupils that took part had lots of fun and enjoyed trying new things.

Report by Vanessa, Snow and Hannah.


The U5 headed off to Bristol for an exciting day of surfing at The Wave.

After donning wetsuits and receiving a comprehensive briefing on how to keep balance on a surfboard, the girls took to the outdoor surf lake and braved the simulated waves.

Mrs Kate Rees, Head of U5 said; “It was impressive to see how many of them were able to stand up straight away and how many were prepared to persevere with mastering their boards even after an hour on the water – a definite test of courage and confidence.

“The words ‘best school trip ever’ were heard on several occasions as we packed up to leave!”

Bonding Day 2023