Wellbeing Week at Prep

The first full week of the Autumn Term played host to an inaugural Wellbeing Week at Headington Prep School.

The aim was for the children to learn healthy ways to care for their physical, mental and emotional health, promote a positive self-image and understand the importance of self care.

The five core healthy habits of resilience, positivity, gratitude, motivation and reflection were introduced through educational videos during every morning registration. Then followed activities in lessons, a scavenger hunt, drop-in sessions on painting positivity and gratitude stones and apple printing for our crafted healthy habits apple tree, plus mindfulness activities at the end of each day.

At the end of the week the children reflected on the things in their life that help them feel happy, comfortable and healthy, as when we are busy, facing challenges or dealing with change, we can forget to consider and take care of our own wellbeing. Looking after yourself is an important part of being resilient and coping with challenges well. It is essential to be kind to yourself.