Volunteering Club makes a difference

The Volunteering Club has been very busy over the last term with their main goal being to serve the community through their actions.

The girls have been elbow-deep in lard and leftovers, making bird feeders for Warneford Hospital patients to hang in the meadows as part of their therapy. They have also done this in order to support the environment, particularly in a season when the birds may be vulnerable due to low availability of food.

Over the Christmas break, club members continued this community service in their own local communities by singing, playing music at their local churches and care homes both in the UK and overseas. They have also been volunteering to reduce food waste by approaching local eateries for their leftovers and passing on good quality leftovers on to homeless charities. Others have been active in keeping communities clean by picking up litter from public areas on a regular basis over the holidays.

Ms Sharon D’Costa, who runs the club, said: “Small acts of community service have been consistently done and with pride.

“When I spoke to these students on Monday they were glowing and raring to do more.”

The School is currently marking its Year of Community, with all girls and staff seeking ways to become more involved in their school, local and global communities.