Ukraine Fundraiser April 2022

Lower School girls came together to hold a bonanza fundraiser for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The creativity and compassion on display on Thursday 28th April was astounding. The girls’ fantastic fundraiser for the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine was a sight to behold with members of the senior school, staff and prep school pupils attending to help raise funds.

Each U3 and L4 form group were tasked to create a fundraising stall. These ranged from a photo booth, to cake stalls and even a ‘sponge the Upper 3’ station.

Miss Anna Clarkson, Head of U3 said: “The amount raised was over £700 which was a phenomenal effort especially given they had such a short amount of time to run their fundraiser. All proceeds are going towards medical aid in Ukraine, coordinated by a Headingtonian.”

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