U6 Trip to Parliament

On a sunny Saturday in September, the U6 Politics class went to London’s Whitehall to visit the different departments and historical buildings from which government is run.

We walked down Whitehall, past Downing Street and through Horse Guards Parade, to Trafalgar Square. It was amazing to see the spatial proximity of all of the branches of government: the legislature, executive and judiciary all being so centralised – with Parliament across the road from the Treasury and Supreme Court, which highlighted just how concentrated government is.

We then went into Parliament, for a tour around the halls and even inside the House of Commons and House of Lords. This was incredibly exciting to see, as we have studied many policies which have been debated here and incredible Prime Ministers giving famed speeches, so it is something we will all remember. We were very lucky to have a delicious afternoon tea on the Terrace Pavilion which overlooks the River Thames. It was a great way to end a brilliant trip with the blue sky over the London Eye and Westminster Bridge.

Report by Sasha, U6