U5 Quiz Team Victory

A team of Headington’s U5 girls are celebrating after securing victory in an inter-school virtual quiz.

The team, made up of Niamh, Sophia, Hana and Jenny, performed admirably across three fixtures. The matches were delivered similarly to the BBC’s University Challenge, two as part of the group stage, before setting up a final.

The first match against Radley College was a tough affair. An early lead soon disappeared leaving the Headington team chasing. In a last-ditch effort to draw with the final question, an incorrect answer passed it to Radley who won the first tie at 90 points to 80.

The next match up saw them against a formidable Marlborough College team. The points were shared throughout the round, constantly going back and forth between the two sides, but in the end, Marlborough managed to secure a 70-50 victory. However, as the final would be between the two teams with the highest points, Radley’s 95-30 win over Marlborough put the Headington team into the final.

The final match was a highly-competitive back and forth contest. Radley showed some signs of weakness, and Headington struck. Several rounds were snatched by Headington, winning some of the highest scoring questions. At the final bell, the Headington side were one step behind the audience in shocked surprise at the announcement that they had won 120-110.

Mr Phil Macken, Head of U5 said the girls had put in an “outstanding effort”.

He said: “I am pleased to announce that the U5 Headington School Quiz Team were tonight victorious against Radley and Marlborough Colleges.

“They talk about Super Saturday at London 2012. They talk about Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2016. Now they will talk about the great comeback that Headington achieved.

Diverse questions ranged from the ingredients of laverbread, to authors, to Football, to identifying geographical features and musical and general knowledge.

Mr Macken said: “The girls faced a huge range of questions that had varying degree of challenge.

“A great thanks goes to Marlborough College for arranging the event, and to Radley for a fantastic competition. As you can imagine, I was thrilled!”