U5 Geography trip to Slapton Sands

Geographers headed to the coast for a residential field trip.

On Thursday 10th March U5 travelled to the spectacular location of Slapton Sands, a fitting setting for their first residential in two years.

As well as being a picturesque beach and home to some of the rarest flora and Fauna in the UK, Slapton Sands also offers an excellent setting for outstanding GCSE Geography fieldwork.

After learning about rural settlements on Thursday afternoon, many were excited to launch into physical Geography. Pupils enthusiastically discussed coastal processes and began to see coastal management techniques in a real-life context.

Amber and Asha, U5, said: “We found it very useful to see geography in action as it bettered our understanding of coastal processes.”

On the second day, the girls embraced stormy conditions to walk 5km to the beach profile locations. Once in position, clinometer and tape measure in hand, the weather changed and the sun poked through the dark clouds above. The sun engulfed the beach and they got to work.

Coastal management and a decision-making exercise dominated Saturday activities, as well as a detailed field sketch, looking down on Slapton Sands from the fields above.

Mr David Cunningham, Head of Geography, said “It was great to get back into the field with our students and engage in quality fieldwork. It was all made possible by the great work and support from Mr O’Driscoll, Dr Prata and Mrs Rankine. We can’t thank them enough and look forward to further fieldwork opportunities in the near future.”

Overall, a picturesque and exciting return to geographical fieldwork.

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