U4 social with Abingdon School

On Monday evening, the Headington U4s had the pleasure of being invited to Abingdon School for an evening of socialising over a meal and, most importantly, debating.

In preparation for the debates, we were given the motions, ‘This house would: make Headington and Abingdon co-educational,’ and ‘This house believes: that the world would be a better place without social media’.

All students were very engaged when pulling together their arguments and put in a huge amount of hard work, coming up with excellent points and doing very thorough research, so we would like to say a huge well done to everyone involved.

We would like to thank the spokespeople for the first debate, Perla and Shreya, and the second, Octavia and Daisy, who all spoke with confidence and answered all questions fired at them from the floor with fantastic rebuttals. Both Abingdon and Headington performed fabulously in both debates, with each school winning one of the two ‘matches’. The efforts and extreme amount of passion that Headington School and Abingdon School poured into their arguments should be commended.

We would also like to thank the wonderful staff working behind the scenes to make this evening possible, especially to Mr Latorre Serna, Miss Pigott and Mr Salomon who sacrificed their evenings to take us, and the lovely school of Abingdon for having us over for such a perfect social.

Report by Daisy, U4