U4 Experience The Poverty Trap

U4 girls were transported out of their comfort zones for a simulation of ‘The Poverty Trap’.

For the past nine years, the Geography Department has collaborated with Empathy Action for the simulation, which this year took place on Wednesday 24th January.

Mr David Cunningham, Head of Geography, said: “We view empathy as an integral component within our global connections and climate change curriculum, contributing significantly to the educational landscape in Geography.”

During the exercise, the U4 immersed themselves in the complex web of challenges that individuals across the world navigate daily. Assuming the roles of those less fortunate, helped them develop a deeper understanding of the multifaceted issues surrounding poverty. This experiential approach stimulated reflection, encouraging participants to question assumptions and preconceptions.

Dr Gemma Prata, the organizer of the event, remarked; “The empathy-driven poverty trap simulation serves as a powerful educational tool, preparing participants to address socio-economic disparities with a nuanced understanding and a commitment to sustainable change.”

Evie (U4) said; “I really enjoyed it and found it really interesting. It was powerful to learn about empathy in this way. The Geography Department truly inspired me to do more and think about others a lot more.”

Flora added: “It was really fun and educational. I learned a lot about empathy.”

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