U4 Advent Doors

Girls across U4 were challenged to decorate their doors for the Winter Wonderland Door Decoration contest.

The competition, featuring most of the doors in the year group’s base in Pi block, took place on Monday 30th November.

Head of Year Mrs Annabel Clarance said: “I had the pleasure of judging this event with Headmistress Mrs Jordan. We were both so impressed with the effort that the whole year group put into making Pi Block feel especially festive!

“I am so very appreciative of all of the effort the U4s have put into bringing the holiday spirit to life in Pi Block! It is wonderful to have them get so involved with our inter-form competition!”

Congratulations go to U4RMD, whose multilingual display and reused paper won the overall contest. Special mention also goes to U4NJ who came in second place for their dedication to decorating all of the doors, including their lockers with an Advent Calendar. U4AW’s display featured each form member as elves, U4DO went for a gingerbread theme and U4EB wrapped up their whole door as if it were a gift!