U3 Rushall Farm Trip 2021

U3 Geographers went on a field trip to Rushall Farm in Reading. The excitement in the lead up to the trip was palpable, as this was the first field trip of the year for the School.

Complementing their topic of ‘Farming’ in Geography, the girls were thrilled to be visiting a real life working organic farm and had prepared reams of questions to ask the staff.

Pupils were treated to a bumpy tractor ride winding through dense protected woodland areas, before digging up their own soil samples and working together to figure out which crops grow best in different conditions.

The chickens on the farm must have been full to the brim after being fed mealworms by anyone who was brave enough and one lazy sheep was happy to be petted and stroked whilst basking in the sunshine!

After a picnic lunch, U3 headed to the barn to learn all about crop rotation and the realities of the difference between organic and non-organic food products.

Miss Rachel Digby, Geography teacher, said: “The farm staff were incredibly knowledgeable and really brought the farm to life for our budding agriculturalists. A fantastic day out was had by all pupils and staff!”

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