U3 Movie Night

The U3 were treated to a special ‘movie night’ in The Hive theatre watching ‘Jumanji: the Next Level’ on the big screen.

Joining them for the event on Friday 18th November were some very excited and enthusiastic boys from Abingdon Prep. Boxes of popcorn were enjoyed in the first half of the movie, while the interval included an ice cream and drink.

During the interval the teachers were on standby to engage in some social engineering but this proved not to be necessary! Returning for the second half of the movie entailed lots of cheering and screaming as the movie reached its climatic end.

Head of Lower School Mrs Di Bates-Brownsword said: “The chatter, laughter and development of new friendships was evidence enough that the evening had been a success.

“Will there be a sequel? I think the answer is yes, for both ‘Jumanji: the Next Level’ and a social event with Abingdon Prep!”