U3 Maths Trip to Bletchley Park

A group of U3s travelled to Bletchley Park for a Maths trip. Read reports below by Imogen and Mairi McMaster.

‘You might think that the Second World War was won on the battlefields, however I think that it was won by the codebreakers at Bletchley Park.

My trip to Bletchley Park this week was an enlightening experience. Our tour guide shared personal experience as his aunt worked at Bletchley Park as a translator.

We got to take part in a workshop exploring different types of code including morse code. We also found out how the Enigma machine worked and how the people working at Bletchley Park had to crack a new code every single day.

It was a very interactive and engaging place to visit and I highly recommend going.’

Imogen, U3

‘It was a beautiful sunny day on our U3 Bletchley Park trip.

In the morning we looked around the interesting high security huts which were given different jobs to do in the war effort.

For example, those based in one hut would be in charge of breaking submarine codes and another for the air force.

These codebreakers did have some help in the fact that they had a special machine called a bombe which helped decode Nazi messages created by an Enigma machine, which changed the letters of the message and replaced them for new ones.

This ability to break the code came in handy when D-Day came along and codebreakers had to send the decoded Nazi messages to the military officers on the beaches so they could tell exactly what the Nazi’s next move was.

We all really enjoyed the Bletchley Park visit and would definitely recommend it as a future school trip.’

Mairi, U3