U3 Flight Project

Young scientists let their imaginations take flight for a special Biology project.

U3 girls presented projects on the topic of flight to one another on Wednesday 7th July. In groups and over six lessons, girls researched and then developed their findings to create a presentation or a creative response on flight in the natural world.

Titles included ‘why can’t penguins fly’ and ‘how did flight develop by evolution’.

Biology teacher and Head of U3 Miss Anna Craik said: “The girls produced a wide variety of interesting and creative presentations, we were extremely pleased with the quality of the final culminations of work.

“For example, Emilia created an excellent piece on why birds are different colours and linked it brilliantly to our physics topic of light and colour. Ella looked at the myth of the Thunderbird and whether it could have been real. Well done to everyone who took part!”