U3 Assembly Presentations

Women in Sport, Gendered Clothing, Women’s Safety and Turtle Conservation were the interesting topics presented by U3 form groups during PSHE on Friday 21st May.

Girls have worked collaboratively within their form to produce an engaging and informative presentation on a topic of their choosing. Each group spent time thinking about which issues in the media were important to them and looked at different news headlines during tutor time. They also had the opportunity to consider the ideas of fake news and discuss how to spot a fake news story.

Led by the form captains, the groups prepared their presentation and then ably performed to the whole year group in Headington School’s amazing new Hive lecture theatre. All girls were involved in some way and were able to hone their public speaking skills.

Miss Anna Craik, Head of U3 said: “It can be safely said that every pupil left having learned something new or having gained a new perspective on different topics.”