U11 Cricket v SHSK – Thursday 12th May

U11A: Won 64 – 46

A well-deserved victory in the first match of the season for the U11A Team. This was an indoor match and proved to be very different to the outdoor game but the Year 6 team adapted well and played a good game.

There was some great batting by the U11s, particularly by Charlotte. The fielding was quick, resulting in Headington getting a number of players out.

Well played everyone!

U11B: Won 80 – 55

This was an excellent match with the U11B team playing some great Cricket. The team became more confident with their batting as the game went on. Headington took the edge on this match thanks to their stellar fielding, with the girls getting nine of the opposition players out.

Well played everyone!

U11A Team U11B Team
Avani Srivastava Alice Lindstrom
Melissa Mentzer Elsie Carr-Jones
Jess Kesterton Elsie Eames
Charlotte Hughes Myriam Roy-Romahi
Emily Deakin Abbey Clarke
Maisie Travis Xanthe Davis
Avi Cooper Alice Lindstrom
Isabella Simons