U10 Cricket vs St Helens and St Katherine’s

Monday 15th May

HPS U10A v St Helens U11A HPS U10B v St Helens U11B
1 Olivia L Evie B
2 Isobel M Sofia M
3 Sofia J Flic B
4 Grace R Cecilia D
5 Emma T Isobel S
6 Isla R Ruby L
7 Esme M Jenna K
8 Eva K Felicity C
Lost 244 – 239 Lost 275 – 229

This was the first Cricket match for the U10 team and everyone showed good bowling and fielding skills throughout the game.

The U10A game was an exciting fixture and the result came down to the very last ball of the game. The U10B team learned a huge amount about their batting stance and how to run the bat in during the game.

They have certainly gained a huge amount of experience for their next match on Wednesday. Well played everyone.