Trip to Parliament

On a bright Tuesday morning, 23 sixth formers set off to explore Parliament and the Supreme Court.

Parliament Square has seen many great moments of late and the students were excited to see the ground where they had so recently watched a state funeral take place.

The girls, accompanied by Politics & History teachers Ms Monica Buckley and Mr James Jacob, started with the Houses of Parliament. They were taken on a full tour of both chambers and got a real insight into the architecture and how the Monarch opens Parliament. All questions were answered as all classes impressed the tour guides with their knowledge of the British Government and Erskine May Rules.

After this they took part in a Parliamentary workshop on different election systems and once again the students excelled themselves. Head of Day Tinu Baker in particular excelled with a speech to ensure her political party won the election.

Post Lunch the trip headed to the Supreme Court where girls were shown the various court rooms and got to debate a mock trial involving Joint Venture. Timilehin distinguished herself with a rousing speech for the prosecution and carried the court with her to conviction.

Teacher in charge of Politics Mr Jacobs said: “All in all it was a wonderful day where I was proud to teach this wonderful group.”