Treasure hunt by torchlight

On Tuesday 2nd November, Nursery pupils explored the world outside after dark for a special torchlit treasure hunt.

The Nursery pupils were so excited to get to the end of the school day so they could enjoy their treasure hunt around the school grounds.

To get them into the spirit, they enjoyed an episode of Peppa Pig where the electricity stops working and Peppa uses her torch.

They then joined Reception for some yoga, before introducing their cuddly toys to each other.

Afterwards they enjoyed eating sandwiches they had made during the afternoon, as well as some tasty fruit and cakes.  They watched the sky become darker as the sun set and, once it was dark enough, they switched on their torches to go off on a treasure hunt.

They were encouraged to find the 22 hidden silver stars around the playground and were thrilled to be successful in finding them all. It was a great way to start their topic for this half term.