Theatrical Science

As part of British Science Week 2022, U3 and L4 girls were treated to a theatre spectacle performed by Headington’s L6 Science Ambassadors.

Based on the theme of Magical Events, the audience marvelled at some implausible imagery, logic-defying demos and captivating chemistry.

Hearing and eyesight were tested, deceiving rows of pupils as they tried to identify the calls and otherworldly shapes of the animal and plant kingdoms. With the lights dimmed at one point, the ambassadors managed to create and broadcast a live chemiluminescent reaction for all to see.

With the room still buzzing, several in the front row let off steam trying to outwit a gravity defying rat that just wouldn’t slide down its drainpipe!

Mr Jason Morris, Head of Science, said: “An impressive number of U3 and L4 did a brilliant job answering tricky questions posed by the ambassadors during each demonstration.

“Well done to all of the ambassadors and everyone involved in the organising of this event.

“A special thanks goes to our superb Science Technician team for their support and advice during rehearsals.”