The Whole School Poem

Girls and staff came together across the student body to create a unique collaborative poem.

One of the most exciting initiatives explored at Headington as part of last month’s National Poetry day was a Whole School Poem. The theme of this year’s Poetry Day was ‘Choice’ and pupils and staff were tasked with contributing their ideas.

Almost 200 pupils and staff responded, with entries from every year group.

The next challenge was to collate and shape this plethora of contributions into a poem and Minty, L6 proved more than up to this task.

With deftness and creativity, she crafted the final piece ‘Today I Choose’, which succeeds in capturing the spirit of Headington’s whole school experience.

Today I choose…

By Headington Students, Compiled by Araminta Cullinane

i. to be routine

What I should wear

Tea or coffee

Wear a mask in public

I will have good sleep

Guessing when period 4b ends

Writing these words

What work I’ll do (if any)

ii. to be poignant

Choosing what’s right or instinct

I will be happy today 🙂

To embrace silence.

Whether to be nice 🙂

Believe that things are possible

Should I wake today?

iii. to be obscure

Should I go back?

How honest shall I be?

Does time exist?

To go or not go

To be or not

When will I go home?