The Mini MBA

Aspiring entrepreneurs and businesswomen at Headington are getting to grips with a new course which will give them their first steps in the world of business and management.

On Thursday 9th September Headington launched the Mini-MBA course for sixth formers. The course is the first programme of its kind at Headington and aims to provide the girls with comprehensive development of important business and management skills.

The Mini-MBA has been designed in collaboration with Hult International Business School and Ashridge Education. In it, the girls will complete:

· Module 1: Personal Impact and Presence (inc. Psychometric testing)

· Module 2: Business Performance

· Module 3: Marketing and Strategy

· Business Simulation

MBA is a prestigious name that resonates all over the world. It comprises a number of subjects that together can be said to constitute the science of management.

Mr Vlachonikolis, Head of Economics, said: “Everybody knows the name MBA. It sends a clear message about the skills and professionalism of those involved. This is a fantastic opportunity for all Headington students, regardless of their A Level subject profile, to engage in a truly unique management course”.