The first concert of 2020

Headington’s Music Department has, like all other areas of the School, adapted into 2020. On Tuesday 29th September the School hosted its first concert after a wait of almost seven months.

Mrs Aimee Jamison said: “The pandemic has placed some extraordinary restrictions on the Music Department but we are finding creative ways to make live music and provide opportunities for our young musicians to perform.”

Tuesday’s concert featured seven U5 musicians, with six solo items and a piano duet to finish. Niamh kick-started the event with a soulful rendition of ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’ from the musical ‘Blood Brothers’, followed by Nell on the piano with an evocative performance of ‘Air’ by Helen Hopekirk. Jenny treated the audience to Massenet’s beautiful violin solo ‘Méditation’ by Massenet, and Yagu continued the romantic theme with Beethoven’s famous second movement from the ‘Sonata Pathétique’ for piano. The audience then heard from Orla, with an ethereal and poised performance of Glazunov’s ‘Élégie’ for viola. Immie and Lynette brought the evening to a serene end with Debussy’s piano duet ‘En Bateau’ from his ‘Petite Suite’.

Mrs Jamison said: “Usually, students would share the same instrument but we decided to wheel in an additional upright piano to allow for social distancing!

“Thank you to all our musicians and accompanists for a delightful and memorable concert, and to staff and fellow U5 students for supporting.”

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