The Boarding Panto

Unsuspecting boarders were summoned to the Main Hall on Sunday Evening for a mystery surprise… the Staff Boarding Pantomime!

The Rev Tom Howell set the scene as the narrator, introducing the characters to this year’s performance of ‘Cinderella’.

Undoubtedly the biggest cheer of the night came as Mr Alex Williams, Head of U5 and PE teacher, was dramatically revealed as the Evil Stepmother, sporting a long pink and diamante ball gown, a black wig and a voice a few octaves higher than usual. Alongside the Evil Stepmother were her two sidekick stroppy daughters, played by Davenport Matron Miss Magda Tarras-Wahlberg and MacGregor Assistant Housemistress Miss Rachael Digby. MacGregor Housemistress Miss Venetia Matthews played a tragically adoring Buttons and Miss Mary Martin stole hearts as the Posh Prince.

Dr Gemma Prata, Napier Assistant Housemistress, carried the performance as Cinderella and wowed the crowd when she appeared transformed with the assistance of her Fairy Godmother and her rapping Rat sidekicks. The beautiful Cindy was then carried away by her chariot of pumpkins, skillfully played by Housemistresses Miss Lorraine Peck, Mrs Grace Millard and Mme Cecile Preston.

The party really got started as the characters made their way to the ball and DJ CJ (Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan) turned it up and got the party pumping with the cast committing wholeheartedly to tiktok dances. In the end it all worked out for the Posh Prince and beautiful Cindy as they lived happily ever after, much to the distress of Buttons and the Ugly Stepsisters.

The crowd thanked the staff with huge cheers, a standing ovation and a rush to the stage to get photographs with the cast. Mr Williams returned to the dressing room proclaiming he felt like a celebrity! A huge thank you to all staff involved for their commitment and enthusiasm in what proved to be a very successful and joyful Christmas evening!