Swimming v Oxford High


Swimming v Oxford High Tuesday 30th November

Headington Prep girls took part in a swimming time trial at Oxford High School. With over half the girls swimming in their first ever match, there was a lot of excitement and a few nerves too!

The U11s led the way with some of the more experienced swimmers showing the younger girls their excellent speed and technique. The U10s had so many swimming in their first gala and they gave it their all, including those that volunteered to try a length of butterfly. A small U9 squad were practicing for the Biathlon and they should be so proud of themselves swimming in their first ever competitive races.

There were only a few personal best times, as for many, this was their first timed length.

Head of PE Miss Laura Smith said: “I am certain there will be many more personal best times as we continue to work on technique, starts and turns. Well done to all the girls who swam.”


Name Stroke Old time New time
Yasmin B Back crawl 31.4 28.3
Lily M Breaststroke 29.2 28.0
Hannah W Front Crawl 34.0 29.5
Isobel M Front Crawl 33.0 30.5
Evie B Front Crawl 27.5 27.0
Liv L Front Crawl 31.0 26.9
Emma T Front Crawl 24.0 21.8
Mairi M Front Crawl 29.0 22.9
Emily D Front Crawl 19.0 18.0