Swimming v Oxford High

Swimmers were thrilled to have the opportunity to swim against Oxford High. With lots of the girls swimming in their first ever match on Tuesday 29th November, there was a lot of excitement and a few nerves too!

The older girls led the way with some of the more experienced swimmers showing the younger girls their excellent speed and technique.

Unfortunately we had some illness which meant that we were missing a few of our swimmers. As a result some of the girls volunteered to swim butterfly for the first time in a match. Well done for going out of your comfort zone!

Head of Sport Miss Laura Smith said: “Well done to all those girls that achieved personal bests. I am certain there will be many more as we continue to work on technique, starts and turns.”

The final score was 189 to Headington and 216 to Oxford High.


Name Stroke Old time New time
Dana W Back crawl 30.6 30.2
Annabelle S Back crawl 29.4 27.8
Evie B Back crawl 23.5 22.4
Nancy L Back crawl 32.0 29.2
Elia NS Back crawl 28.3 26.6
Martha H Breaststroke 34.4 33.2
Gwen F Breaststroke 31.8 28.8
Liv L Breaststroke 27.9 26.1
Izzy C Breaststroke 31.0 30.0
Phoebe W Breaststroke 26.9 25.5
Isobel S Butterfly 28.6 27.3
Eva K Butterfly 30.9 29.0
Matilda Su Front crawl 32.7 32.2
Martha H Front crawl 27.9 26.8
Eliza R Front crawl 42.8 31.2
Kitty MY Front crawl 30.5 24.5
Sara R Front crawl 22.4 22.2
Eva K Front crawl 22.4 22.3
Nancy L Front crawl 26.8 26.2
Sophie P Front crawl 25.2 22.7
Phoebe W Front crawl 18.7 18.3
Eve M Front crawl 21.8 21.7