Swimming v Oxford High

Headington Prep girls had another fun time trial against Oxford High on Tuesday 1st March.

The swim meet was a great opportunity to try new strokes, practise going from the blocks and aim for PBs.

The U11s had a very exciting finish to the gala where they swam a 4 x 50m freestyle relay for the first time.

In a thrilling finish, the U11 A, B and C teams came first, second and third respectively!

Well done to everyone who swam.

Name Stroke Old time New time
Nancy Back crawl 30.7 29.6
Annabel Back crawl 31.2 30.8
Esme 50m Back crawl 45.7 45.1
Annabel 50m Back crawl 47.6 46.5
Mia 50m Back crawl 54.7 48.0
Rachel 50m Breaststroke 64.0 59.8
Mia Butterfly 22.3 22.2
Hannah Front Crawl 34.0 29.5
Isobel Front Crawl 33.0 30.5
Evie Front Crawl 27.5 27.0
Liv Front Crawl 31.0 26.9
Emma Front Crawl 24.0 21.8
Mairi Front Crawl 29.0 22.9
Emily Front Crawl 19.0 18.0
Jessica 50m Front Crawl 38.0 36.0
Lily 50m Front Crawl 45.5 45.1
Abby 50m Front Crawl 59.5 50.6
Xanthe 50m Front Crawl 43.5 41.9